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Nutbutton Inc. Art & Technology With Soul

Our passion is the creation of Soul, jazz and R&B music. Technology is our companion when creating music and great products that enrich the entertainment experience.

We bring together the finest musicians, vocalists, visual artists and designers. Then employ technology to design eloquent entertainment products.

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Nutbutton Inc.
Art & Technology With Soul!

SHADES OF BLU Urban Chic T-Shirt 
We've made our entry into the world of fashion and music with class and style! We’re making our contribution
to fashion and music with our T-shirt, SHADES OF BLU Urban Chic, accompanied by the remix EP, SHADES OF BLU Urban Chic. 

Let's tell it like it is, our black, ¾ length sleeve T-Shirt is classy and casual.  Urban Chic, SHADES OF BLUUrban Chic T-Shirt. Available from our store.


SHADES OF BLU Urban Chic EP. The world has an appetite for soulful, funky music. So, keeping the soulfulness and funky grooves in place, we stripped, to their bare essentials, three preludes from SHADES OF BLU. We present our remix EP, SHADES OF BLU Urban Chic


We started with the purity of soulful music, added the rhythm and blues of life, true expressions from our soul to arrive at SHADES OF BLU. SOB is a natural evolution of multiple converging forces. The times we’re in, the technology at our disposal and a life long associations with dedicated musicians, passionate signers and great artists. It's an innovative new direction in Jazz! 


IT'S NOT SO EASY - 2010/2002 Classic CD & CD-ROM
A classy blend of R&B, contemporary jazz vocals and instrumentals. featured guests include Ali Woodson, Jean Carne, Gary Bartz, Denise Stewart and Norman Connors. slick arrangements, outstanding performances and a seasoned group of musicians set the pace from opening track Precious Love straight through to TLG.

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