Bio: Juewett Bostick

JUEWETT BOSTICK, pronounced Ju wet, and affectionately called ‘JU’ by family and close friends is a guitarist / technologist with an eclectic mix of traditional music skills and technological savvy.
His affinity for the arts and technology evolved through his professional association with Jazz and R&B veterans Norman Connors, Grover Washington Jr., Bobby Brown, Barry White, Gary Bartz, The Temptations, Sister Sledge, Hubert Laws, Nancy Wilson, Thelma Houston, Tisha Campbell and Eartha Kitt, to mention a few. 


Ju likes to do what he does best. What comes without effort and flows naturally. That’s making great music and eloquently integrating it with technology products everyone can enjoy!
His musical and artistic legacy is one of creativity, innovation, and associations with great musicians, vocalists and artists.  Historically these associations produced great music and innovative products; it’s time to continue.  It’s what he does best!



We started with the purity of soulful music, added the rhythm and blues of life, true expressions from our soul to arrive at SHADES OF BLU. SOB is a natural evolution of multiple converging forces. The times we’re in, the technology at our disposal and a life long associations with dedicated musicians, passionate signers and great artists. It's an innovative new direction in Jazz!  

The projects genesis is Soul Jazz. This is the time when Jazz musicians were dipping into R&B, but firmly attached to Be Bop.

Some artist who made this happen, Art Blakely and The Jazz Messengers, Jimmy Smith, Horace Silver, Lee Morgan, Grant Green, Bobby Timmons and Stanley Turrentine. Bostick’s objective was to cleanly integrate the music and the spirit from this era into today’s creative mix.

So, compositions from Lee Morgan, Hank Mobley and Thelonious Monk have been reimagined for the consumer with an appetite for music with depth, passion and creative substance. 

Let’s dip deeper into this. On Guitar, through guitar, with guitar you will have to play the blues. On SHADES OF BLU Bostick has done the blues with integrity, with class, keeping its sprit intact.  It’s funny, its funky, and its sexy.

One featured tracks is a brilliant reimagining of an obscure piece from the pen of James Marshall Hendrix. My Friend, the original, is an entertaining, lyrical frolic done in the setting of a bar.  It’s reincarnation, for SHADES OF BLU, is true to that spirit but creatively twisted and tweaked to pay respect to its writer, Jimi Hendrix. 

PRELUDE, MAIN, AFTERMATH, this is a unique idea and specific to this project. What Bostick did was extract the original ideas integrated into the reimagined works, YAMA, by Lee Morgan and HIGH MODES, by Hank Mobley and construct original pieces. These new pieces are compacted compositions with commercial radio in mind. The three Preludes can be considered the introduction to the main track but customized for commercial consumption. The ‘Main’ is the reimagined version of the original composition that keeps the melody in tact along with Bostick’s harmonic and melodic contributions. The Aftermath is a reflection of the reimagined ‘main’ track but extended to give the musicians and vocalist a blank canvas for creative expression.  The Preludes have the fire and energy to put bodies in motion! And bring the listener into all the great music SHADES OF BLU has to offer. Welcome to our Tribe! 

SOB features live performances from an exceptional tribe of musicians, vocalists, talented artists creating great art, and design and original multimedia.

We proudly present SHADES OF BLU, from JUEWETT BOSTICK

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