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Physical CD & digital release Available NOW!!

Digital download available from:

Ce que nous faisons: What we're doing
  • We are working with WaveLength Los Angeles on our international's Jazz promotion in specific markets. US, Japan and the U.K and Europe. Additionally we have a key partner specifically in the UK, Disco Soul Gold  

  • Our friends at SoulTracks have made SHADES OF BLU the album of the month. We're sending our sincere thanks for recognizing our hard work bringing this product to market.

  • A great team, Musik and Film, is managing our global radio campaign. Our first single, Sound & Rhythm -Prelude is being received well in the global market with 127 adds in its first week!

Shades Of Blu is jazz, blues and R&B done with class and integrity. It’s funky, it’ funny and it’s sexy. In 2019 the world is funky with an appetite for soulful music performed with intelligence and passion. We proudly submit SHADES OF BLU to satisfy these starving souls!

  • We recognize the immediacy and convenience of owning music and entertainment media in digital format. 
    However, we worked very hard on providing a specific listening experience.

  • To share our intended experience we encourage our patrons to download/purchase the complete CD from Amazon or iTunes. Or purchase the physical CD from CD Baby. Its the optimal listening experience we wish to provide!

You can listen on Apple Music or Spotify!

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